Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Shameless star Emmy Rossum demands higher pay than co-star William H. Macy: report
Shameless actress Emmy Rossum, 30, who stars as the young Gallagher family matriarch Fiona on the hit series, not only is seeking salary parity after 8 seasons with co-star William H. Macy,  
Kirk Douglas, 100, on his leading ladies

In a titillating autobiography written when he was 71, Kirk Douglas admitted that he’d not only cheated on his first wife, Diana Dill - with whom he had two sons, including mega star Michael Douglas -  

An Inconvenient Truth sequel to debut opening night of Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival will open with a follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, former Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award winning documentary about the world’s climate crisis.
Lee Daniels: I'm 57 (on Christmas Eve) and I'm alive, without HIV, and that's a miracle
Lee Daniels: "My work is all about from whence I cometh. I'm living a dream today. I'm blessed. And I'm here to give you what you're craving, which is a story that you can identify with; voices that you
Bille August to direct the English language biopic Versace starring Antonio Banderas
Danish helmer Bille August will direct the English-language biopic Versace starring Antonio Banderas as the late fashion designer Gianni Versace.
Gender fluid performer Kelly Mantle is eligible in male and female Oscar categories
Kelly Mantle, who was born a male, is a gender fluid performer who was a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Kelly is the first potential nominee eligible in both male and female categories.
Adele wanted a black star to be love interest in Hello video to address police brutality
French Canadian film maker Xavier Dolan said casting The Wire’s Tristan Wilds was a deliberate attempt to address “police brutality” in the US. He said Adele specified that the love interest in the video
Megyn Kelly's sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes to be a film
A film based on Megyn Kelly's harassment claims against ex Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is in the works. The movie - written by Charles Randolph who penned The Big Short - details
Donald Trump: I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice
Donald Trump tweeted: “I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice except for fact that I conceived it with Mark B & have a big stake in it. Will devote ZERO TIME! Reports by @CNN that I will be
Boy George: I’ve always been positive - I wouldn’t still be here if I wasn’t
Boy George: "I think you’re always who you are, but life distracts you, particularly because of fame – everybody treats you different, therefore you end up with a distorted idea of who you are. Don’t you think
Star Wars movie as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens Thursday
Rogue One is estimated to make between $280 million -$350 million over 5 days worldwide. Rogue One takes places moments before 1977’s Star Wars and focuses on a band of rebels who steal
Boy George: We’re all clinging to a rock and some people have got a better grip than others
Culture Club are once more back in business, touring the US and Australia. It all appears to be going remarkably well, given the band’s famously combustible reputation. He concedes, they have their moments.
ESPN is shedding viewers in record numbers
In November, the ratings company Nielsen predicted ESPN would lose 621,000 cable subscribers that month. Nielsen estimated the sports network would lose another 555,000 subscribers in December.
Bob Dylan's hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota struggles with how to honor its most famous son
In his autobiography Bob Dylan writes that he told his record label he was from Illinois, that his family was long gone, that his parents kicked him out. He graduated and left Hibbing, Minnesota in 1959.
JJ Abrams developing space drama Glare with HBO
iGlare is an hourlong drama series exploring the colonization of another planet. Other than that short description, no other details have been released.
Anastasia producers of the Broaday musical are being sued for plagiarism
The producers of Broadway’s Anastasia are being sued by an heir of the author of the alleged original play, who has demanded the production be barred from opening its doors in April, even as tickets are being sold.
John Legend: In a Trump administration we should worry about places like Planned Parenthood
John Legend: “I think, in a Trump administration, we should worry about places like Planned Parenthood. We should worry about places like the ACLU. We should worry about organizations
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