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   Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Winter Olympics ratings in PyeongChang are at all time low in the ratings
For the last Friday of the PyeongChang Games, NBC and NBCSN’s combined primetime coverage grabbed a 9.2/16 in metered market results. That is an all time low for an Olympics that is on track to be the lowest ever. deadline.com  
David Bowie exhibit at Brooklyn Museum - top ticket "Aladdin Sane" costs $2,500

Brooklyn Museum is dispensing with its usual pricing - a suggested $16 contribution for adults -and charging a mandatory fee of $20 on weekdays and $25 on weekends. The show about the late rock star runs from March 2 to July 15.


NBC's $12 billion investment in the Olympics is looking riskier
In 2011, NBC paid $4.38 billion for the rights to the next 4 Olympics. Three years later it bought another six for $7.7 billion. At the time, the deals
Andrew Garfield: It’s so evident that we’re in the darkest of dark
Andrew Garfield: blasted politicians in “the pocket of the NRA.” “The horrific response from a lot of people I guess in the pocket of the NRA or even just conservatives, generally, who are so,
Rapper T.I. It’s easy for the government to enslave people when they don’t have the right to bear arms
Three time Grammy Awwrd winner and rapper T.I. on gun control: “It’s a tough one. I think you should probably make it more difficult for people who aren’t mentally stable to have guns, and maybe
Samuel L. Jackson: Donald Trump a "muthaf-cker" for his plan to arm teachers
Samuel L. Jackson tweeted: “Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that Muthaf*kka that’s Never been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!”
Skin Color and Sports: It's not 1947 anymore
Larry Elder: "How about a little perspective? In 1950, the first black player entered the NBA. The ’60s saw the breakout of black superstars like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson,
Blacklist actress Megan Boone says her character won't carry a rifle anymore
The Blacklist star Megan Boone tweeted: "Liz Keen will never carry an assault rifle again and I am deeply sorry for participating in glorifying them in the past. Yours, girl from Florida".
Andrew Garfield: I watch stupid television - Netflix kind of stuff
Andrew Garfield: "I feel more at home in theater than I do on a film set. I think there’s more community, because you’re making it together all the time. And also the connection to the audience
Sridevi Kapoor, iconic Bollywood actress, dies
Sridevi died Saturday in Dubai due to cardiac arrest,. Sridevi began acting as a child in regional cinema in India's south and made her debut in Hindi-language Bollywood films in the late '70s.
Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz called the police on himself
Nikolas Cruz, 19, himself called the authorities just after Thanksgiving, describing how he had been in a fight and was struggling with the death of his mother. “The thing is I lost my mother
President Bill Clinton’s ’94 assault weapons ban didn’t prevent Columbine: CBS (video)
In a 1999 edition of 60 Minutes, which aired four months after the Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado, reporter Lesley Stahl said President Clinton’s assault weapons ban in 1994 did
Berlin Film FestivalL complete list of winners
Bill Murray was at the Berlin Film Festival to accept the Silver Bear Best Director prize for Wes Anderson for Isle Of Dogs. Bill Murray charmed the audience and said: “I never thought
Eminem: Trump is not the president for all of us - he is the president for some of us
Eminem: "We have a president who does not care about everybody in our country; he is not the president for all of us, he is the president for some of us. He knows what he’s doing. As long as
Sridevi, Bollywood leading lady of 80's and 90's, is dead at 53 of cardiac arrest
Sridevi was the first female superstar in India’s male dominated film industry. She used one name onscreen, like many leading ladies of her generation, and was known for her comic timing and her
Sweden is the first feminist government in the world and is now the rape capital of the world
Video commentator Paul Joseph Watson addresses the Islamization of Sweden, a country that, like much of Europe, seems literally hell bent on committing suicide by multi culturalism.
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards: list of winners
Darkest Hour won two trophies at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. Best Special Makeup Effects, which was awarded to Oscar nominees Kazuhiro Tsuji, David Malinowski,
Mute is a missed opportunity for Netflix
Netflix released another original sci-fi film - Duncan Jones’ futuristic noir drama Mute. It has a lot of encouraging ingredients, but ends up being too unsatisfying, much like a lot of Netflix Original Films.
UC San Diego refuses to cancel course on Woody Allen films
The University of California, San Diego is refusing to cancel a course on “The Films of Woody Allen” despite a petition with more than 20,000 signatures. Their statement said:
Berlin Film Festival: Touch Me Not wins Golden Bear for Best Film
Touch Me Not, a provocative film about sexuality and intimacy that features long stretches of graphic nudity, has won the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear for Best Film. Romanian director
Toxic atmosphere at Megyn Kelly Today
Megyn Kellu has fashioned herself as a champion of the #MeToo movement, filling her NBC talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, with brave women fighting injustice. But a former colleague says it’s all an act.
Kelly Clarkson, the first winner on American Idol, is a coach on NBC’s The Voice
Kelly Clarkson, the classically trained Texas singer, in 2002 tried out for a brand new show called American Idol and became the show’s very first winner. Twenty-five million sold albums and
Prince inspired cook book to be released Spring 2018
Prince fans can now pay homage to the star with their culinary skills, since a Prince inspired cookbook is on its way in the spring of 2018.
Quote of the day
Andrew Garfield on #MeToo Movement

"It’s a reckoning for those that have abused their status and position and power. I’m excited for those abusive systems to die, the systems that have only served a few. I as a white, straight male will support this, and show up in any way I can and am called to."

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