Tuesday, September 27, 2016
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Michael Moore says Donald Trump won the debate
Writer and film director Michael Moore appeared frustrated on Twitter following the presidential debate, saying Donald Trump “won” and “we all lost.” He tweeted: dailycaller.com  
Lester Holt: The third debater?

At the first presidential debate, Donald Trump faced off not just against Hillary Clinton, but against NBC moderator Lester Holt. Holt ask no questions about: Hillary’s emails, Benghazi The Clinton Foundation.


In debate, Hillary Clinton gets no follow-up questions, Donald Trump gets 6
Trump was challenged on his answers Monday night at Hofstra University in New York at least six times by NBC's Lester Holt. Hillary Clinton had no follow up questions for the 90 minute debate.
Majority of snap polls show Donald Trump won presidential debate by a landslide
The Drudge Report's poll showed Trump fared better with 81.5 per cent of the vote to Clinton's 18.5 while others, including Time, CBS New York and the Washington Times, also saw Trump win the vote.
Angelina Jolie's inner circle are helping to smear Brad Pitt
One source said: “They (Lady Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton) have been calling all the networks and news outlets, placing stories that he was cheating, drunk, on drugs, out of control and abusive, which Brad denies.”
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a rigid prenup
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a rigid prenuptial agreement detailing exactly who gets what of their reported $400 million combined fortune, according to TMZ.
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts separating after 11 years together
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are separating after 11 years together. They never married but have been together since 2005. They have two sons together, Alexander "Sasha," 9, and Samuel, 7.
Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda: I’m a Puerto Rican dude who writes musicals
Lin-Manuel Miranda: "I support Hillary, but my focus really is on getting out the vote. People who support my candidate are gonna come out. People who do not support my candidate are gonna come out. But the more people vote, the more I think we all feel OK as a nation about who wins.”
Modern Family will feature transgender child actor
In the upcoming episode entitled A Stereotypical Day, parents Cameron “Cam” (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) permit their daughter Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons)
NBC moderator Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump a record 41 times
Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow up question. Clinton was only interrupted 7 times during the course of the 90 minute debate.
Rosie O'Donnell tweets: Donald Trump will never be president
Rosie O'Donnell tweeted: "The 5 mins orange anus can't seem to get over — tell the truth — shame the donald," along with a video of her remarks about Trump and the Miss USA competitio in 2006 that began the pair's drama.
Oliver Stone movie Snowden is preposterous: says former NSA deputy director
Chris Inglis, former deputy director of the National Security Agency, criticized Oliver Stone’s biopic of one-time NSA employee Edward Snowden. Inglis retired in 2014 after 28 years at the agency.
Zach Galifianakis won’t interview Donald Trump because he's so mentally challenged
Zach Galifianakis will not invite Donald Trump on Between Two Ferns: “I wouldn’t have somebody on that’s so mentally challenged. I feel like I’d be taking advantage of him. And you can print that.”
Kiefer Sutherland praises Julia Roberts for canceling their 1991 wedding: It took courage
Julia Roberts ditched Kiefer Sutherland three days before their 1991 wedding. She spent the day with his friend and new lover Jason Patric. "I think she was being realistic for herself. I think that's much better".
Seth Meyers: Donald Trump was so unprepared for debate
Late Night host Seth Meyers on the presidential debate: “Trump was so unprepared that at one point it looked like he maybe forgot Hillary’s name”. In the end, the entire night
Sarah Jessica Parker: new Sex and the City movie is a possibility
Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw in the hit television comedy and two films,, commented on a third movie: “I don’t think any of us have said no. I don’t know
Donald Trump decided not to bring up Monica Lewinsky at debate
Donald Trump said he held back from bringing up Monica Lewinsky at the Monday presidential debate because he saw Chelsea Clinton in the audience. On Fox & Friends he said:
Flying drone hits rapper while performing on stage (video)
At the High Life Music Festival in San Bernardino, California, the rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were performing their set and a drone swooped dangerously close to the stage. In a video
Rudy Giuliani: Lester Holt proved that the press is a left wing basically oriented group
Rudy Giuliani said Donald Trump should skip the next presidential debates because of they way he was treated Monday night by Lester Holt, according to Politico.
Warren Beatty, 79, insists he was good to his lovers (Natalie Wood, Madonna, Streisand)
Actor/director Warren Beatty, 79, is known for his impressive dating history which includes Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon, Stephanie Seymour, Janice Dickinson and Madonna.
Kenny Rogers, 78, to retire from music in 2017: I've had my turn
Country legend Kenny Rogers: "I've done everything I set out to do. Every goal I've set, I've done that, and there's a point where you have to say, 'I've had my turn. Let someone else have it
World's Most Exclusive club: Berghain in Berlin - sex rooms, bondage dancers, drug binges
Florence Welch and Jake Gyllenhaal are among the A Listers who were turned away by the bouncers at Berghain in Berlin. Lady Gaga partied at the club in 2013 wearing just her bra, knickers and a moustache.
Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio to meet & discuss ways to end climate change
President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio will meet at the White House on October 3 to discuss ways to end climate change. There will be a screening of the actor’s climate change documentary
Quote of the day
Amy Schumer responded to the question of what she was wearing to the Emmy Awards 2016

"I'm wearing Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes and an o.b. tampon".

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