Thursday, August 25, 2016
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Hacker posts nude pictures of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones and personal informaton
A hacker ruthlessly posted graphic nude photos and personal documents on comedian and Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones' personal website Wednesday.. Her site was deleted Wednesday following the online hack.  
Linda Thompson on ex husband Bruce Jenner marrying Kris Jenner: I thought he's going to put a lid on it (becoming a woman) :

Linda Thomson said she 'thought Bruce Jenner would forget about becoming a woman after marrying the then Kris Kardashian. "I was elated, I was so elated that Bruce was going to be happy.  

Leslie Jones' website hacked: nude photos and personal information exposed
Weeks after being attacked by a mob of racist Twitter trolls, someone cracked into Ghostbusters Leslie Jones star’s website and exposed what appeared to be private nude photos of her.
Harry Belafonte on Nate Parker rape case: I don't even know what the facts are - I don't know what the truth is
Harry Belafonte says it's unfair that Nate Parker's shining moment with his film The Birth of a Nation is being overshadowed by a 17 year old rape case. He said he's not clear about the facts.
Cher insults Donald Trump: We Seem 2 b a Country DIVIDED. Its Like a Civil War
Cher at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. She tweeted: "Had I Known I'd Get Such Vicious Hate 4 Supporting Hillary, I Would Have Done It Anyway".
Prince's Paisley Park estate and studio will open for public tours in October
Paisley Park, the private estate and studio complex of the late rock superstar Prince, will open for daily public tours starting October 6,
Eartha Kitt: Harry Belafonte said to me "no Black woman can do anything for me"
A quote from legendary actress Eartha Kitt is circulating on social media. " I was married to Bill McDonald in 1960. People would say ‘Why didn’t you marry a Black man?’ I would reply
Forbes Hollywood Highest Female Actors: Fan Bingbing and Deepika Padukone make top 10
Forbes list of the world’s richest actresses :includes Chinese star Fan Bingbing at number 5 ($17 million) and India's star Deepika Padukone ($10 million) is No 10.
Leslie Jones faces constant abuse – because that's how racism works
Actor and comedian Leslie Jones has been attacked again – her website hacked, filled with racist images and stolen nude photos, along with pictures of her driver’s license and Harambe, the gorilla killed in an Ohio zoo.
Hank Azaria (voice characters on The Simpsons): I was a mimic ever since I was a kid
Hank Azaria has voiced characters on The Simpsons for 28 years, "It's given me a lot of freedom. I literally can afford to do (guest starring roles on TV) that because of The Simpsons".
Frank Ocean won and walked away with his freedom and his money
Frank Ocean's 4 year sabbatical from the public eye following his 2012 album Channel Orange ended emphatically and dramatically last week with back-to-back releases: the visual album Endless,
Uma Thurman's yoga instructor brother poses with a gun
Yoga teacher and actor Dechen Thurman, the younger brother of actress Uma, began filming a movie called Smoke Screen, where he'll play a gun wielding tough guy. Some yoga practitioners
Harry Belafonte defends accused rapist Nate Parker: he faced the justice system
Harry Belafonte is defending Nate Parker who was accused of rape in 1999 when he was a student and wrestler at Penn State University. "If he was somebody who had committed a crime and got away with it, but
Frank Ocean's album Blonde is number 1 on i tunes - but its a mess
Roger Friedman: Frank Ocean released two albums last week– first a visual album called Endless - which fulfiledl Ocean’s contract with Universal Music Group. Then he released Blonde - which is number 1 on iTunes
How the word "remake" became a dirty word in Hollywood
Some of the greatest Hollywood movies of the modern era are remakes. Martin Scorsese’s grubby Boston gangland thriller The Departed riffs shamelessly on the Hong Kong crime epic Infernal Affairs, while
Sugar Ray Leonard, 60, at Hands of Stone movie premiere
Hands of Stone is about boxer Roberto Duran. It stars Edgar Ramirez as Duran, Robert DeNiro as his trainer Ray Arcel and the singing star Usher as Sugar Ray. The movie’s title comes from the boxer’s nickname.
Kubo and the Two Strings criticized for using white actors to voice Japanese characters
The Media Action Network for Asian Americans criticized producer Laika and distributor Focus Features, for using mostly white actors to voice Japanese characters in Kubo and the Two Strings, the animated movie.
Courteney Cox regrets getting plastic surgery
Courteney Cox, 52, said on the show Running Wild With Bear Grylls, that she regrets her decision to go under the knife. “Getting older is not the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons. I was trying
Suicide Squad creator on movie's harsh reviews: some critic comes in with an agenda
Suicide Squad creator John Ostrander revamped Suicide Squad in the late 80s as an amalgam of The Dirty Dozen and Mission: Impossible for the DC universe. He talks about the backlash.
Ryan Lochte set to join Dancing With the Stars - Season 23
Shamed Olympic swimmer who left Rio in a flood of controversy is going to be a contestant on Season 23 of Dancing With the Stars. He reportedly locked down a deal with the show before his Olympic scandal.
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