Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Woke cancel mob attacks Rita Moreno for defending Lin-Manuel Miranda
David Ng: Academy Award winner Rita Moreno has come under attack from a left wing cancel mob after she defended Lin-Manuel Miranda against accusations that the movie In the Heights engaged in “colorism” by marginalizing Afro-Latinos.
Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno is criticized for defending Lin-Manuel Miranda
NBC News reported that one user wrote, “I love Rita Moreno. Yes, Lin-Manuel has done whole lot. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t do better with representation for Afro Latinos. Why does the fair skinned always say wait your turn to darker skinned people?”
Kevin Hart say’s he’s not hiding his past scandals from his kids
Kevin Hart said he’s not hiding his past scandals, such as cheating on his wife Eniko while she was pregnant, from his kids because it’s simply “going to come out.”
Quote of the day
Bill Maher

“If you think America is more racist now than ever, more sexist than before women could vote and more homophobic than when blow jobs were a felony, you have #Progressophobia and you should adjust your mask because its covering your eyes.”

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