Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Da 5 Bloods was named Best Film 2020 film by National Board of Review
Spike Lee’s Viet Nam war drama, Da 5 Bloods, starring Chadwick Boseman and Delroy Lindo, was named 2020's best film by the National Board of Review. Spike Lee was named Best Director.
The vanishing Tony Awards must go on
Tim Balk: "The long delayed Tony Awards (originally scheduled for June 2020) still have yet to take flight, bogged down in an interminable and mysterious wait that has left a passel of nominees holding their breath for months.
AT&T earnings: Warner Bros revenue falls 21 per cent with Wonder Woman 1984 release
Warner Bros. fourth quarter 2020 revenue fell 21% from the prior year with the release of Wonder Woman 1984. which was released on Christmas Day, and has made
Director Zack Snyder on leaving Justice League in 2017
The decision to leave Justice League before the 2017 movie was completed came during a heartbreaking time in director Zack Snyder’s life - his daughter died. "I just did not have the energy. There was no fight in me.
Quote of the day
Kirstie Alley

"Congress should get rid of the BS & give Americans $2,000 relief money. NOW is the time to show favor to Americans. When I read the ridiculous amounts of money for idiotic studies and enormous donations such as the Kennedy Center .. my blood boils. The Kennedy Center can wait. families can’t".

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