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   Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Drake album Scorpion has 1 million in sales and streaming
Pop R&B rapper Drake is the king of the pop charts, summer 2018. His Scorpio album is number 1 for the second week with 1 million sales mark in sales and streaming. That’s nothing short of a miracle.
Facebook censors the Gospel song Joy for "political content"
The Gospel music group Zion’s Joy! posted its new song What Would Heaven Look Like, a purely spiritual Christian praise song, to Facebook – only to see the song censored for “political content.”
Jaden Smith celebrated his 20th birthday with a party in Miami
Jade Smith was spotted celebrating his 20th birthday at LIV at Fountaineau in Miami on Saturday He arrived to the club at 1:45 a.m. with a group of friends for an “epic bash”.
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Kelsey Grammer

"Therapy - isn’t that what friends are for? Sometimes it’s good to have an impartial referee to help you move through a difficult period, but the focus needs to be on getting out of therapy, not staying in."

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