Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Emmys ratings was up this year after dumping Jimmy Kimmel as host
Last year, 2020, Jimmy “Blackface-N-Word-User” Kimmel hosted the Emmys and the show hit a record low of 6.3 million viewers. This year, with Cedric The Entertainer as host, viewership jumped by more than a million viewers to 7.4 million.
Bill Gates on his ties to Jeffrey Epstein: Those meetings were a mistake
Bill Gates: "I had dinners with him (Jeffrey Epstein). I regret doing that. He had relationships with people he said would give to global health, which is an interest I have. Not nearly enough
Tom Brady Sr.: Bill Belichick wanted him out the door
Tom Brady Sr. on his son making the right decision to leave the Patriots and go to the Buccaneers: “Bill Belichick wanted him out the door and last year he threw 56 touchdowns (it was 50, including playoffs). I think that’s a pretty good year.”
Muhammad Ali docuseries by Ken Burns:
How could someone opposed, and in some cases hated, by large swathes of American society at the peak of his career become a widely beloved figure — quite possibly the most famous person in the world — decades later?
Tucker Carlson: CNN’s Chris Cuomo is single dumbest person ever to perform on cable news
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson mocked CNN’s Chris Cuomo for saying the picture of border patrol agents on horses "invoked slavery". Tucker: “It is slavery to ride a horse through a crowd of people trying to invade our country.
Matt Drudge and his improbable rise: the internet's favorite news scoundrel
Influential reporter Matt Drudge is back in the spotlight thanks to a pivotal role in Impeachment: American Crime Story. We first come upon Impeachment: American Crime Story’s Matt Drudge (played by Billy Eichner,
Impeachment: American Crime Story episode about Matt Drudge - What's fact and what's fiction
Ellin Stein: "Why the outfit? Will Paula Jones settle? And what’s this about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against the Clintons? The third episode of Impeachment: American Crime Story shows
CBS This Morning loses viewers year to year
Roger Friedman: "Well, that didn't work. A year ago, CBS This Morning averaged 2.745 million viewers in this week in September. Last week, CBS Mornings, in its second week, dropped to 2.495 million viewers.
Hollywood pays tribute to Willie Garson: The outpouring of love is earned
In the wake of Willie Garson’s death, many Hollywood figures took to social media to share memories and tributes to the late Sex and the City actor. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Mario Cantone, Kim Cattrall and others honor the actor.
Willie Garson, who played a gay man on Sex and the City, has died
Sex And The City's Willie Garson, 57, had died following a secret battle with pancreatic cancer. While his most famous role was playing Stanford Blatch in the show and films, who was gay, Willie was heterosexual
ABC’s new The Wonder Years reimagines a TV classic through the black experience
ABC is going back to the wonder years of the late 1960s with a new version of the beloved coming-of-age comedy “The Wonder Years” that swaps out Fred Savage’s Kevin Arnold for Elisha Williams’ Dean Williams.
Quote of the day
Nicki Minaj

"But don’t y’all see what’s fucking happening? Don’t y’all see that we are living now in that time, where people will turn their back on you for not agreeing? People will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question.”

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