Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi attended Catholic mass Sunday morning before tragic crash
Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi, 13, prayed together at Catholic mass at the Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach and received Communion hours before they both died in the tragic helicopter crash.
Kobe Bryant's former pilot: These choppers don't just fall out of sky
Kurt Deetz told the Los Angeles Times that the helicopter more than likely crashed due to bad weather rather than engine or mechanical issues. "The likelihood of a catastrophic twin engine failure on that aircraft - it just doesn't happen".
Co-Author of Kobe Bryant children's book deletes unfinished draft
Kobe Bryant and Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho were working together on a children's book but the author of The Alchemist said he deleted the draft after Bryant's death on Sunday.
Hillary Clinton at Sundance Film Festival warns of voter suppression in 2020 election
Hillary Clinton is at the Sundance Film Festival to promote the latest project about herself, Hillary, a four part documentary set to debut on Hulu in March.
Grammy Awards 2020: Top show moments
Here are some of the top show moments from the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Sunday, January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, California.
Meghan Markle's father Thomas: I think Harry is a very insecure man
Thomas Markle: "I think that Harry is a very insecure man and I think that's being shifted on to my daughter. I hope that they stay together and love each other and take care of their child,
LeBron James posts about Kobe Bryant death: WTF! I’m heartbroken and devastated my brother!
LeBron James: “I’m Not Ready but here I go. Man I sitting here trying to write something for this post but every time I try I begin crying again just thinking about you, niece Gigi and the friendship/bond/brotherhood we had!”
Remember when Kobe Bryant was charged with rape?
Gavin Polone :Lauded by Hollywood and the media for his last game, Lakers star Kobe Bryant and a slew of fellow male A-listers exemplifies a double standard about verbal versus physical harm.
Kobe Bryant's helicopter flew in fog that grounded other choppers
The Los Angeles Police Department and the county sheriff's department grounded their helicopters because of foggy conditions considered dangerous.
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s weird sexual games
Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged mistress turned madam Ghislaine Maxwell played weird sexual games with three artists at his New Mexico ranch, according to ArtNet. Former New York
David Schwimmer says he doesn’t think a Friends reboot is possible
David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller on the beloved NBC series, on the sitcom getting a revival. “I just don’t think it’s possible, given everyone’s different career trajectories. I think
Former American Idol judge Randy Jackson lost 114 pounds
Music producer and performer Randy Jackson, 63, had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and worked with fitness experts, nutritionists and mental health experts to lose and keep off the 114 pounds.
LeBron James make a promise to Kobe Bryant: I’ll continue your legacy man!
LeBron James: “You mean so much to us all here especially #LakersNation (purple and gold hearts) and it’s my responsibility to put this sh–t on my back and keep it going!! Please give me the strength from the heavens above and watch over me! I got US here!”
Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa agreed "they would never fly on a helicopter together"
Kobe Bryant used helicopters to get around Los Angeles but he and his wife Vanessa Bryant did not to fly together. “He and Vanessa had a deal that they would never fly on a helicopter together": source.
Don Lemon on CNN trashes Trump supporters as illiterate, ignorant rubes
Over the weekend, CNN host Don Lemon, CNN contributor Wajahat Ali and NeverTrump Rick Wilson mocked conservative Americans as ignorant rubes who can’t read and don’t understand maps.
Grammy Awards hit 12 year low in the TV viewers
The 62nd annual Grammy awards ceremony drew 18.7 million viewers and a 5.4 rating among adults 18-49 in time zone adjusted ratings. Those numbers are down 5 percent in viewers
Shaquille O'Neal mourns Kobe Bryant: I really lost a brother
Speaking on The Big Podcast With Shaq, the NBA legend said: "I'm not doing well. I'm sick. I'm just getting over the death of my sister (Ayesha Harrison-Jex from cancer). I haven't eaten. I haven't slept. I'm looking at all the tapes. I'm sick right now".
Quote of the day
LeBron James

"It was a dream come true for me to be able to line up alongside of him (Kobe Bryant). I admired him for so many years seeing him from afar and then being able to be at practices with him and me watching and learning. The story is just too much. It doesn’t make sense. Just to make a long story short, now I’m here in a Lakers uniform in Philadelphia where he’s from, where the first time I ever met him. It’s surreal. But the universe just puts things in your life, I guess, when you’re living the right way, or just giving everything to whatever you’re doing. Things happened organically, and it’s not supposed to make sense but it just happens."

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