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   Sunday, July 21, 2019
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2020 Democrats are turning Obama’s legacy against Joe Biden
in recent weeks, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has had Obama's legacy used against him, with his competitors pointing the to shortcomings of the last Democratic administration as evidence that Biden’s not up to the task of leading the next one.
The horrors of Jeffrey Epstein's private island
Locals say Jeffrey Epstein was flying in underage girls to Little St. James Island, in the U. S. Virgin Islands, long after his conviction for sex crimes and authorities did nothing to stop him. “It was like
Natasha Lyonne: There’s a fighter in me that wants to survive
Natasha Lyonne used her starring role in Orange is the New Black to shake off her demons and reinvent herself. The actor and director talks about third chances, crosswords and being the class rebel.
Lena Dunham shows off her tattoos and goes topless at a nude beach
Lena Dunham, 33, is not shy when it comes to stripping down for social media. She posed topless for her 3 million Instagram followers adding stars over her nipples to remain somewhat modest.
Cameron Boyce's mother wrote: He is my compass
Cameron Boyce's mother broke her social media silence 2 weeks after her son, 20, passed away. Libby Boyce took to Instagram and wrote: "'He is my compass" she captioned the post.
Eddie Murphy and Netflix are close to $70 million deal for standup comeback: report
Reclusive comedy legend Eddie Murphy, 58, hasn’t been on the standup stage in years, but he’s reportedly in talks with Netflix for a series of comedy specials, sources close to Murphy tell TMZ.
Ted Kennedy’s legacy in the #MeToo era
Maureen Callahan: "This is oe of the most grievous miscarriages of justice, one of the grossest abuses of wealth and political power, and one of the most ill deserved second acts
Quote of the day
Miley Cyrus

"I think now I actually have the respect that I want. When I walk into a room, people may think, “Okay, she gets her tits out.” But they also think, “But she’s got a fucking sick voice,” and that’s all I care about."

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