Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Twitter goes wild over Joe Biden — the Spider-Man villain

Marvel fans are losing their minds on Twitter after learning of an obscure Spider-Man villain who shares a name with the current US president. “I’m crying why the f-ck is Joe Biden a Spider-Man villain,” wrote

one flabbergasted Spider-fan in a tweet with more than 120,000 likes. The fan also included a Wikipedia page for the minor league baddie, whose name is indeed Joe Biden.

The presidential doppelganger, whose villainous alter ego is called Spectrum, first appeared in “Peter Parker No. 1? in 2010, when the real Biden, 79, was the US vice president under Barack Obama. The page even includes an out-of-date disclaimer to warn readers that the web slinger’s nemesis is “not to be confused with Vice President Joe Biden.”

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