Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Patti LuPone is a foul mouth elite who feels she is entitled

Douglas Murray: "There are still people out there eager to pretend that mask wearing is the great cause of our time. Look at that video of Patti LuPone on Broadway earlier this week. Sitting in front of an audience,

talking about her revival of Company, LuPone spotted a member of the audience who didn’t have her mask pulled up over her nose. “Put your mask over your nose,” LuPone spat out at the paying customer, behaving like the warder in an especially sadistic prison. Of course LuPone and her fellow cast members were all sitting on stage maskless. But LuPone seemed to think that the audience member was more dangerous than a loaded gun. “That is the rule,” she went on. “If you don’t want to follow the rule, get the f–k out! I’m serious. Who do you think you are.”

Personally I thought this was a new low for the entitled celeb class. For the last six months we have had to see celebrities swanning through their awards ceremony, all showing us their beautiful, freed-up faces. And the only people who still have to be masked at these events are “the help.” It was the same at the Met Gala earlier this month. The famous people can all have their faces freed. Only the staff have to keep muzzled. But LuPone’s foul mouthed tirade was a step lower even than this. How come a celebrity feels so incredibly entitled that they can scream at an audience member, and swear at them for daring to do what the celebrities themselves are doing? Much of the audience seemed to be on LuPone’s side, probably wowed by her fame. But they shouldn’t have been.

The entitled person was Patti LuPone, not the audience member who had paid to be there. Like a lot of other people in recent years, LuPone seems to think she can be as vulgar and hectoring as she likes, so long as she has COVID is an excuse.

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