Monday, October 3, 2022
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Alec Baldwin's lie "I didn't pull the trigger on the gun" is falling apart

Maureen Callahan: "Alec Baldwin has always insisted, despite all evidence to the contrary, that he didn’t pull that trigger. The FBI now says that he did. That finding, released over the weekend, comes

just after the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office announced they’re only waiting on Baldwin’s phone records before sending their investigative file to the DA’s office.

Are the walls closing in yet, Alec?

This FBI report is reason to cheer. Not since OJ Simpson have we seen someone so guilty act so aggrieved, entitled, put-upon and victimized, as if this whole tragedy has affected no one more than Baldwin himself — not Halyna Hutchins’s husband, not her little boy, so traumatized after her death he couldn’t speak for days, but Alec freaking Baldwin."

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