Monday, October 3, 2022
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The Queen died and we remembered what made our country great

Piers Morgan: "It was revealed that the UK was pumping record torrents of raw sewage into our seas and onto our coastlines. It felt like Britain was quite literally turning to sh-t and had never been more disunited. Then the Queen died and everything stopped.

For the next ten days, we turned our attention away from all the negatives about our country - and focused instead on the positives. We remembered what made Britain great.

The series of long-planned events to commemorate the seismic loss of our greatest Monarch became ever grander and more magnificent. Our unrivalled pomp and pageantry took the world’s breath away. Our armed forces showed why they too are the envy of the globe, in glorious military procession as well as battle. Our much maligned press produced some of the finest tribute edition newspapers I’ve ever seen."

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