Sunday, January 29, 2023
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President Kennedy assassination: FBI-CIA will not allow release of all of documents

Tucker Carlson: The National Archives released thousands of the JFK documents. The FBI-CIA would not allow the release of all of the documents. Around 3% of the JFK documents are still being withheld from release to the public — more than 50 years after the assassination. What are they hiding?

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy marked the launch of the modern conspiracy theory movement. Six decades later, we’re still getting new information and it doesn’t look good for the CIA. They were clearly involved in multiple ways, from the use of a “mind-control expert” to gaslight the world about Jack Ruby to the ongoing coverup that ties the CIA directly to the assassination. Even former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who pressured Donald Trump to keep information hidden, declined an invitation to talk about it.

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