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   Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Famous Celebrity Diets and How They Work

More than 1.4 billion of adults in the world are overweight, according the the World Health Organization.

With a never-ending supply of junk food at our fingertips, it's no wonder so many of us look for diet plans to help shed pounds. Hollywood movie stars promote endless diet options promising fast and simple results. Before you are seduced by their claims, find out what these fad diets are really made of.

5-Factor Diet

Eva Mendes, Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys have vouched for the 5-Factor Diet. Unique because it actually promotes eating five meals a day, instead of three, the diet stresses eating smaller portions more often. The idea is to eat when you are hungry so you don't overeat at regular meals. This helps fight cravings in between mealtimes when you are most likely to grab a sugary snack.

Each meal we eat is supposed to contain five things for nutrition: protein, fiber, fluids, fat and complex carbohydrates. This diet adds a few more five-worthy gimmicks like each meal only takes five minute to prepare, and only has five ingredients.

You'll dine on dishes like Oatmeal-Berry Pancakes, Mexican Chicken salads and fresh halibut with lemon sauce for main meals, with smoothies and chocolate parfaits for snacks in between.

Proponents say this fights cravings, but dissenters argue it does not address emotional eating, a big problem with many constant dieters.

As with all diets, adding exercise helps shed pounds faster. Try running or jogging just 30 minutes a day to burn a few more calories with this diet. Too much exercise can cause you to eat more during snack time.

Get in the Zone?

The Zone Diet, which Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore swear by, is a radical approach that reverses the current thinking about good nutrition and dieting.

It offers an array of prepackaged meals and supplements designed to help you shed weight and slow down the aging process. Each meal is specially baked to help link the proteins and carbohydrates together. This helps the protein reach your lower digestive system, and that tells your brain you are really full. So, you stop eating sooner. A box of six meals costs $39.95, and you can choose from a selection of cookies and pasta.

Exercise is still important with this diet. Since it promotes healthier digestion, try adding an aerobic workout with a high-energy cardio workout. You'll burn more calories and detoxify for better digestion.

Cut Carbs on the Atkins Diet Plan

The Atkins Diet, which Kim Kardashian used to get back to her pre-baby weight, is the opposite of the Zone Diet. It preaches eating fewer carbohydrates and more proteins and fats.

Your body burns off carbohydrates before fat. So, by eating more fat, the body processes fat faster according to WebMD. On the Atkins Diet, your body goes into a state called Ketosis where it just burns fat.

The diet features four phases, each suggesting certain foods that will turn your body into a fat burning machine. It also provides pre-packaged meals to simply heat and snack bars starting around $7.99.

Since you are eating fewer carbohydrates maintain a simple exercise program of walking 30 minutes a day with lighter exercises and aerobic workouts.

Author: Katie Nicholson Katie is a retired nurse and freelance writer who blogs about the health care industry for a number of sites.