Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Anti Scientology billboard in Hollywood: Couple lost their kids to brainwashing

Since erecting a billboard near Dodger Stadium on Monday, April 4, Phil and Willie Jones, a 60 something married couple from Las Vegas, have drawn a great deal of media interest. The

Joneses want to speak to their two adult children, Mike, 42, and Emily, 38, whom they say they've lost all contact with through a process known within the Church of Scientology as "disconnection." The family once was enmeshed deeply in the organization, but the parents began to have doubts about it five years ago, whereupon Phil's sister, also a Scientologist, allegedly reported them to church leaders. They were excommunicated swiftly, and communication with their children immediately reduced to a trickle, say the Joneses. They have neither seen nor heard from either of their kids for over two years.

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