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   Thursday, June 21, 2018
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In Cold Blood killer wrote his own manuscript that Truman Capote knew about

Truman Capote wasn’t the only one who thought the murder of the Clutter family by Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, in 1959, was the basis for a worthwhile book. In a piece by The Wall Street Journal,

Richard Hickock himself wrote a manuscript about the crime that inspired Capote’s In Cold Blood — and Capote knew about it. The convicted killer worked on the manuscript, called High Road to Hell, with Kansas journalist Mack Nations, who tried to get it published while Hickock was on death row.

According to the WSJ, there is evidence to suggest that his attempts failed partly because Kansas law-enforcement officials deliberately attempted to thwart the project while supporting Truman Capote’s, and partly because Random House - where Nations sent his work - already had a contract with Capote. Truman Capote also made attempts to buy the Hickock manuscript himself, presumably to stem the competition, but was unsuccessful.

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