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   Thursday, June 21, 2018
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HBO producer David Simon: Trump supporters are foolish and untrustworthy’

David Simon (The Deuce, The Wire) says the election of Donald Trump taught him that there’s a large segment of voters who can’t be trusted to govern themselves. “It said to me 25 to 30% of our

population is foolish and untrustworthy and incapable of self-governance, and that a demagogue in the right circumstances with the right amount of manipulation can go a long way”.

The election of Trump was “the last primal scream of white males in this society” responding to eights years of a black president and the prospect of the first female one.

“If you ask me politically what’s going on at this moment in the country, I would say the backlash against women and and the backlash against people of color is distinctly linked, in the sense of, you know, in the most optimistic way that I can imagine, putting it–I think we’re looking at a moment which is the last primal scream of white males in this society, that last moment of ‘I just lived through eight years of a president of color, you are now asking me to buy in on a female president".

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