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   Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Coordinated campaign to discredit Green Book is orchestrated and deliberate

Roger Friedman: "Since Green Book won at the Golden Globes, it has been trashed over and over. First there was a ridiculous whisper campaign that the movie was somehow racist. Or racist

in an old fashioned way. Again, ludicrous.

Then actor Viggo Mortensen used the “N” word to describe the use of the “N” word– not to call anyone the “N” word– and his misspeaking was turned against him like a flame thrower.

Someone poured through the screenwriters ancient messages to find something they could call anti-Muslim. Then the director Peter Farrelly was accused of taking his penis out when he directed comedies.

On top of that, someone dug up the distant relatives of pianist Don Shirley, who suddenly think the film is inaccurate. Could it be they’re angry they weren’t consulted or paid for the film? Someone ginned them up."

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