Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Tamron Hall: I was fired from the Today Show to make room for Megyn Kelly

Former Today show anchor Tamron Hall: “I go into work one day. I left fired. ‘Demoted’ I guess is what they called it. I called it fired. I am back because of all of you.” Tamron Hall and Al Roker's

TODAY’s Take was canceled when Megyn Kelly left Fox News for a lucrative $69 million deal with the peacock network.

"I was heartbroken. (Imagine) you've been putting in the work, and suddenly your employer says they're phasing you out. I had some suspicions, because I'm a reporter and I'm pretty intuitive, but no one wants to lose their job. It wasn't about who I was losing it to – it was like a relationship where you're putting in 100% and the person who's putting in less has the nerve to break up with you."

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