Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Dr. Oz on Trump’s goal to reopen economy by Easter: It's a good time for a resurrection

Dr. Oz was asked about President Trump’s stated goal of reopening the economy by Easter. Dr. Oz replied: "Well, it’s a good time for a resurrection, right? I think medically we’ll have a pretty

good idea. You know I used a metaphor when I asked the president about that if it didn’t work out. But I’m a surgeon. A good surgeon can know when a surgery goes well, which is what we’re doing right now in these two weeks. And can tell when the patient can go home. Which again in theory President Trump is looking at Easter. But going one step further and know when we have to readmit a patient when you have to. I think we can be more aggressive and start to loosen up the reins on America."

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