Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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This is why people are mad at Lana Del Rey

"Reactions to Lana Del Rey's post on Instagram were swift and brutal. Has Del Rey faced unfair criticism from reviewers because of her content? Yes, because she is a woman artist in a male

dominated industry. But her statement is arrogant and ahistorical. The idea that she ushered in a wave of women artists singing about sex and failed relationships is just absurd when there were many before her who have sung about the very same subject. And she fails to recognize that the majority of the women she named, many of whom are black or women of color, have endured a lot of the same struggles as Del Rey — and often to a greater extent because of their race. There’s an entire history of women singers and songwriters making music - the kind Del Rey seems to believe she invented - who are completely erased by her statement."
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