Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Laurene Powell Jobs ($32 billion net worth) pulled a Bloomberg on Atlantic Monthly staff

Laurene Powell Jobs (estimated net worth: $32 billion), whose cash keeps the Atlantic Monthly afloat, has pulled a Bloomberg on the Atlantic Monthly staff and laid off a large number of them. Her

minions did it just as unemployment hits double digits, so with the job market collapsed, these newly laid off staffers can get ready for new careers as Walmart greeters and Amazon deliverymen.

"Laurene Powell Jobs, the billionaire majority owner of The Atlantic, is rich enough to be able to pay the salaries of all 68 laid off Atlantic staffers every year for the next 3,000 years," wrote Zach Schonfeld, a freelance writer and former Newsweek staffer, in one of many critical posts. Click on the headline and read the rest of the story.