Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Almost no one on the street is practicing proper infection control for COVID-19

Dr. Pete McArdle: "Almost no one on the street is practicing proper infection control with regard to COVID-19. No one, including me. The mask you wear all day gets contaminated from within by your exhalations and

from without by the exhalations of others. Is anyone putting on a new mask every hour? Of course not. Even the best N-95 mask is a hotbed of germs, inside and out, after just a few hours. Paper masks degrade even faster, and cloth masks and bandanas are effective only for bank-robbing. They're literally sieves when it comes to microscopic bugs. If you wear a mask without covering your nose, consider yourself totally unprotected. And an idiot"

Same for gloves - the pair your cashier wore at the supermarket had germs from everyone that cashier serviced before you. And then the cashier handled your food! Don't even think about what's living on the cash register's keyboard; that alone will make you ill.

Protective goggles seal to your face; glasses don't. If you're walking around in public without protective goggles, to paraphrase the old song, bugs get in your eyes. And don't even get me started on the "six-foot social distancing rule." It's a made up, arbitrary distance. Someone sneezing sends droplets much farther - someone yelling, farther still. The length of a football field is probably the ideal for social distancing."

Here's the challenging part of my screed. What most people are doing to protect themselves from COVID-19 is entirely symbolic, a Jedi mind trick played by CNN talking heads on the wary and weak-minded. You're not doing a fraction of what a dentist does to avoid spreading infection. You can't, let's face it."

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