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   Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Harvey Weinstein scandal has exposed the fake feminists among us
Paula Froelich: "Harveygate (the Harvey Weinstein scandal) has shed light on a few women who use the mantle of feminism not as way to fight for all women, but to personally reap the benefits of the media spotlight. nypost.com  
Studios cutting their loses and puling films from theatres

Roger Friedman: It’s a bizarre season in Hollywood. Almost nothing is “working,” and the studios can’t afford to waste any more money hoping things will turn around. They’re pulling flops from theaters earlier than usual ie Blade Runner 2049, American Made, Battle of the Sexes, Flatliners.


Harvey Weinstein responds to Lupita Nyong'o harassment accusations
Lupita Nyong’o penned a New York Times op-ed accusing ‘harassment by Harvey Weinstein. He denied the claims in a statement through a representative: “Mr. Weinstein has a different
Guillermo del Toro: I understand why Quentin Tarantino didn't expose Harvey Weinstein
Director Guillermo del Toro is a strong defender of Quentin Tarantino, saying he understands why Quentin didn't come forward years earlier to expose Harvey Weinstein. (video)
Sean Young: Harvey Weinstein exposed himself to me while working on 1992 film Love Crimes
Sean Young alleges that Harvey Weinstein exposed himself to her while working on the 1992 film Love Crimes, which was produced by Weinstein’s former company, Miramax.
Kate del Castillo said she had sex with Sean Penn during filming of The Day I Met El Chapo
Mexican actress Kate del Castillo said that during the filming for her documentary The Day I Met El Chapo'she had sex with Sean Penn. "I enjoyed it and don’t regret it I fell my friend, what can I say?"
Jim Carrey claims Cathriona White had STDs before they met and forged medical records to extort him
Cathriona White, the late girlfriend of Jim Carrey, had sexually transmitted diseases before she met him and used fake medical records to cover it up in an effort to extort him, Carrey's attorneys claim.
President Trump says he will allow release of secret JFK assassination files
The National Archives is required to release all of its JFK documents by Thursday, 25 years to the day after President George H.W. Bush signed the the JFK Assassination Records Act.
Harvey Weinstein completes sex rehab in just 1 week
A rep for Harvey Weinstein called TMZ to say the plan has now changed. Weinstein will stay in Arizona for another month or so because he doesn't want excessive distractions and
Guillermo del Toro: It was hell working with Weinstein in 1997
Guillermo del Toro was asked if he would work with Weinstein. He said: "Its been no since 1997. It was hell to do Mimic in 1997 and it would be hell in 2017". del Toro wrote and directed Mimi for the Weinsteins.
New York lawmakers target non-disclosure clauses in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal
Two New York lawmakers are leading an effort to void the type of non-disclosure agreements that for years kept accusers of Harvey Weinstein from going public with allegations of sexual harassment.
Climate change disaster drama Geostorm is heading for a financial disaster
The costly weather disaster drama Geostorm is heading for a financial disaster with an opening weekend of $13 million at 3,246 venues for Warner Bros. The studio did not held screenings for critics.
Catherine Deneuve questions anti-harassment campaign in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal
While expressing sympathy for victims of harassment, Catherine Deneuve has expressed doubts about the usefulness of social media outpourings and hashtag activism. When asked whether
Megyn Kelly is trying everything to get ratings: dancing, downing Jell-O shots
Megyn Kelly on Megyn Kelly Today talked about boozy lunches, broke out in dance when Pitbull started playing and even threw to commercial break while still busting a move. She joked
Harvey Weinstein still insists he's not a rapist: friend
A source who is close to Harvey Weinstei said Weinstein "still insists he's not a rapist. The characterization of what he said and what happened at the group session isn't true."
APA agent Tyler Grasham fired amid male sexual abuse claims
APA has terminated agent Tyler Grasham from the agency following numerous accusations of sexual assault and harassment from men who have spoken out on social media this week.
Harvey Weinstein's accusers are brave - so were Bill Clinton's accusers
Larry Elder: "In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others, praised the Weinstein accusers for their “courage.” For decades, Weinstein, a big
Solange Knowles criticizes Evening Standard magazine for altering her hair for the cover
The singer Solange Knowles criticized the London Evening Standard for apparently digitally altering an image of her for the cover of its weekly magazine. They removed a braided crown from
Taylor Swift is back to singing about her boyfriends
Taylor Swift in her new song, Gorgeous, finds her lusting after an unspeakably hot dude and cursing her luck that she already has a boyfriend. It’s clearly an ode to her current squeeze, British actor Joe Alwyn.
Sean Penn lawyers to Netflix over documentary El Chapo: blood will be on their hands
Sean Penn believes the Netflix documentary The Day I Met El Chapo puts him in danger by implying that he helped the United States capture the Mexican drug lord El Chapo. He did not participate
Quote of the day
Harvey Weinstein in 2009

"Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion. We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe."

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