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   Sunday, July 15, 2018
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Scarlett Johansson article about her not being allowed to "act" that Business Insider took down
Daniella Greenbaum: Defending an actress for being hired to do a job is apparently beyond the pale these days. This column was published by Business Insider before being removed from the website for violating "editorial standards." Here it is exactly as originally published. https:  
Whitney, the documentary film, shows a life full of betrayal and disappointment

The documentary Whitney is the first film to be authorized by the Houston estate. It was directed by Kevin Macdonald - whose credits include the Oscar winning documentary One Day in September


Scarlett Johansson is the latest target of the social justice warrior mob
Daniella Greenbaum: "Scarlett Johansson is the latest target of the social justice warrior mob. The actress is being chastised for, well, acting. She has been cast in a movie in which she will play
The social media mob is a danger to society
Daniella Greenbaum: "As an opinion columnist for Business Insider until my resignation Thursday, I had grown accustomed to strong reactions from readers when I wrote about
Sacha Baron Cohen plays dumb In stupid spoof series: inducement to change the channel
Sacha Baron Cohen series Who Is America? is full of mild shock, zero awe and recycled scenarios. The 7 episode dupe the dimwits endeavor provokes a great inducement to change the cable channel.
Sacha Baron Cohen has a long history of making the powerful look foolish
Sacha Baron Cohen somehow managed to gain access to powerful people for his new Showtime series Who Is America? It is the type of real, confrontational comedy that made him famous.
Bruce Willis Comedy Central Roast gets surprise visit from Demi Moore
Stars came out to the Comedy Central Roast of Die Hard institution and American treasure Bruce Willis. One of the best roasts of the evening came from surprise guest - his ex wife Demi Moore.
Bravo's Andy Cohen: I might run for mayor! What the f-ck is de Blasio doing anyway?
Bravo’s Andy Cohen helped get garbage cleaned on a chichi West Village block where he walks his dog. On Instagram he wrote: “This is the most I’ve accomplished in a bit… What am I gonna
Columnist Daniella Greenbaum quit her job at the Business Insider
Columnist Daniella Greenbaum resigned after Business Insider took down her column, in which she defends actress Scarlett Johansson from criticism that she is playing a transgender man in
Scarlett Johansson is a victim of PC censorship which is trans parently nuts
Jonah Goldberg: "Business Insider writer, Daniella Greenbaum, took the apparently outrageous position that actors (like Scarlett Johansson) can pretend to be people they are not.
Rob Reiner: It is now crystal clear that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia
Rob Reiner tweeted: It is now crystal clear that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia in the attack on our Democracy. At this point the only way Trump can avoid the consequences of his crimes is to invoke the Moron Defense. “I was too stupid to obstruct or conspire.” VOTE!!!
Kevin Spacey film Billionaire Boys Club is not being promoted - its being dumped
Billionaire Boys Club stars Kevin Spacey and young actors Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver) and Taron Egerton (Kingsman).Hollywood producer Gavin Polone said: “I haven’t seen any advertising for
Facebook censors the Gospel song Joy for "political content"
The Gospel music group Zion’s Joy! posted its new song What Would Heaven Look Like, a purely spiritual Christian praise song, to Facebook – only to see the song censored for “political content.”
Grey’s Anatomy actress Sandra Oh on Hollywood racism: I have felt it deeply
Sandra Oh: "Racism exists. Let’s start there. I felt it, and I have felt it deeply. And I’m extremely fortunate. So I’m not going to not say that it’s not there, because it is."
Daniella Greenbaum, Business Insider capitulated to the mob
Business Insider columnist Daniella Greenbaum defended Scarlett Johansson's upcoming role as a transgender man in a column. The article was was removed from the website. Greenbaum said tha
Sacha Baron Cohen creates characters that are both deeply absurd yet still believable
In the first episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's new series on Showtime titled Who Is America? ihe introduces four more characters to enter the Baron Cohen canon.
Bernie Sanders on Disney CEO Bob Iger receiving $400 millon in compensation
Senator Bernie Sanders: "Does Disney CEO Bob Iger have a good explanation for why he is being compensated more than $400 million while workers at Disneyland are homeless and relying on food stamps to feed their families?”
Drake album Scorpion has 1 million in sales and streaming
Pop R&B rapper Drake is the king of the pop charts, summer 2018. His Scorpio album is number 1 for the second week with 1 million sales mark in sales and streaming. That’s nothing short of a miracle.
Jaden Smith celebrated his 20th birthday with a party in Miami
Jade Smith was spotted celebrating his 20th birthday at LIV at Fountaineau in Miami on Saturday He arrived to the club at 1:45 a.m. with a group of friends for an “epic bash”.
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