Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Alec Baldwin's lie "I didn't pull the trigger on the gun" is falling apart
Maureen Callahan: "Alec Baldwin has always insisted, despite all evidence to the contrary, that he didn’t pull that trigger. The FBI now says that he did. That finding, released over the weekend, comes nypost.com  
Salman Rushdie's bravery

Adam B. Coleman: "Salman Rushdie recognized the danger he faced, yet didn't allow fear to override his work because then the terrorists would win. The art of modern terrorism is to perform a single heinous act


Fatal shooting of cinematographer by Alec Baldwin is ruled an accident
David Propper: "The shooting death of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of “Rust” last year was an accident, New Mexico’s Office of Medical Investigator determined. The
DOJ opposes making details public in Mar-a-Lago search warrant’s probable cause affidavit
The Justice Department is opposing the release of details in an affidavit that lays out the argument that investigators made to a federal magistrate judge explaining the probable cause it had to search former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.
Greg Gutfeld: Donald Trump gets more popular as investigations target him
Greg Gutfeld: "Donald Trump is a larger-than-life figure. And you create more status the more you target him. He understands that and he’s like a black hole that swallows the negative energy appear.
FBI reportedly came close to arresting Brad Pitt - Jane Doe sued FBI to find out why they didn’t
FBI agents allegedly came close to arresting actor Brad Pitt following the altercation that reportedly led to his split with ex-wife actress Angelina Jolie. According to a report, Jolie might be behind a lawsuit
Anne Heche memoir Call Me Crazy selling as Collectible for $749
Anne Heche memoir Call Me Crazy was published September 4, 2001 and has long since been out of print. It is touted as a “national and New York Times bestseller” on Amazon where it’s for sale as a “collectible” from one seller who is asking $749 per copy.
Kathy Griffin tweeted: Exhume Ivana
In trying to make a punchline of Ivana Trump, who died tragically in mid-July after falling down the stairs at her home in New York City, D list comedienne Kathy Griffin tweeted, “Exhume Ivana.”
Alex Berenson: I plan to sue the White House over Twitter ban
Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson plans to sue the White House and several Biden administration officials who allegedly had a role in pressuring Twitter to ban his account. "I think I have proof
Biden Administration is being sued for refusing to provide studies on masks
A watchdog group is suing the Biden administration for allegedly refusing to provide information on studies on the efficacy of cloth masks. Functional Government Initiative says the Department of Health
Dwayne Johnson lobbied for separate Black Adam and Shazam! movies
Black Adam actor and producer Dwayne Johnson said it was an "unpopular" opinion but said he knew "in my gut" they couldn't introduce both characters in the same origins film.
Beyonce’s album, Renaissance, has been a sales disaster
Roger Friedman: "As of Friday, Beyonce's album Renaissance has sold just 475,000 copies according to Luminate and hitsdailydouble. Renaissance has scored just one hit single with Break My Soul which is number 15 on iTunes.
The life and tragic death of Maria Montez, The Queen of Technicolor
Few know the name Maria Montez today, but her story is just the kind of Hollywood miracle that people love to hear about. An immigrant from the Dominican Republic with minimal acting skills, she managed
Bryce Dallas Howard: Chris Pratt fought for me to get pay equity on Jurassic World video games & park rides
Bryce Dallas Howard said she was paid “so much less” on the Jurassic World sequels compared to her male co-star Chris Pratt. She said Pratt worked to correct the situation by ensuring
FBI, R.I.P.?
Victor Davis Hanson: "The FBI has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law. The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.
New York Times cuts ties with reporter who called for "killing and burning Jews like Hitler"
Fady Hanona has worked with multiple major news outlets to aid their reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hanona was listed as a contributor in 6 of the NYT’s 8 stories written on the latest conflagration
Academy apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for abuse treatment at 1973 Oscars
When Marlon Brando was named Best Actor for his performance as Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s best picture winner The Godfather (1972), Sacheen Littlefeather, 26, (Apache/Yaqui/AZ) took the stage to decline
The Beatles Get Back documentary DVD and Blue Ray is a dud
Last year Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary, Get Back, was the hit of the season on Apple TV. It got rave reviews. Get Back DVD and Blue Ray was finally released three weeks. No one knows about it and it’s been a dud.
Ezra Miller seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”
In a statement, The Flash star Ezra Miller said: "Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment. I
Media is back to anonymous, one source stories on Trump that we can’t trust anymore
David Marcus: "Donald Trump's FBI raid has media outlets sharing allegations from unknown sources, making people questioning if the insight is made up. It feels like old times.
Quote of the day
Anne Heche in 2001

“I’m not crazy. But it’s a crazy life. I was raised in a crazy family. And it took 31 years to get the crazy out of me.”

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