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Oscar E. Moore Reviews

Some Like It Hot - a mixed drag of goodies and not so goodies
This new musical adaptation of the classic Billy Wilder 1959 comedy starring Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe should be herewith subtitled – Thoroughly Modern Daphne or How Jerry/Geraldine aka Daphne finds her inner true self and lives happily ever after.   [Talkback]

Funny Girl starring Beanie Feldstein - a mediocre, cut and paste patchwork quilt revisal
Had I never seen the original production in 1964; had I never heard Streisand sing, I would still wonder how in the world this newest two and a half hour with one intermission adaptation came into being.   [Talkback]

Plaza Suite: Bittersweet and Sour – starring Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Whether they are from Mamaroneck or Hollywood or Tenafly New Jersey or Forest Hills the inhabitants of Suite 719 at The Plaza share the same malaise. With great relish. And plenty of laughs.   [Talkback]

The Music Man starring Hugh Jackman & Sutton Foster
This is not your run of the mill carbon copy revival. This revitalized MUSIC MAN has an identity all its own. It is simply sensational.   [Talkback]

COMPANY – reinterpreted revival revisited starring Katrina Lenk and Patti LuPone
You gotta get a gimmick, right Mr. Sondheim? The main character Bobby, a single “he” is now Bobbie a single “she” - an alcoholic whose friends are celebrating her 35th birthday. A birthday she would rather forget.   [Talkback]

Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway starring an incandescent Rob McClure
Excellent word of mouth will surely get Mr. and Mrs. Average Theater-goer and extended families cheering from their hearts in support of this terrific lovable, laughable Mrs. Doubtfire and Co. production. It’s a breath of freshly recycled air.   [Talkback]

NIX on SIX – the kvetching wives of Windsor
A mix-up of Tudor history as heard through the over-amplified voices of the six dearly departed wives of Henry VIII channeling pop icons all sounding alike in this rock style concert.   [Talkback]

A Commercial Jingle For Regina Comet - an ear-splitting baffling blur
In need of a doctor suffering from a weak plot and forgettable tunes. I rate it 4 and a half yawns.   [Talkback]

Lackawanna Blues - Ruben Santiago-Hudson is wonderful
Mr. Santiago-Hudson has got the whole audience not only in the palm of his hands but in his grip. Never letting go. You cannot help but be enthralled by his storytelling.   [Talkback]

Girl From The North Country reopens on Broadway
Hope and heartbreak. A truly remarkable emotional journey. A most beautiful production of a not so beautiful time in America. Reviewed March 11, 2020   [Talkback]

Chicken & Biscuits – Guess who’s coming to the funeral
Harkening back to the golden days of Neil Simon we are treated to a true laugh-fest. A tasty treat of laughter and family love – with all the dressings.   [Talkback]

PERSUASION – BEDLAM at the Connelly
A comic celebratory dance at the finale is the cherry on top of this charming confection. At you will discover all you need to know to enjoy this production one hundred percent. Including a Family Tree of the various characters.   [Talkback]

Pass Over reopens on Broadway: Be Forewarned
PASS OVER is ultimately unsatisfying despite the excellent acting.   [Talkback]

JAYNE MANSFIELD – the girl couldn’t help it by Eve Golden
The narrative speeds along as fast as Mansfield’s life attempts to catch up with her goals. It would be impossible to make all this stuff up. Eve Gordon has turned in a perfect summer read. Light and frothy. Titillating. And all true.   [Talkback]

VITAGRAPH – The birth of the moving picture industry - meticulously researched by Andrew A. Erish
Ken Burns take note. This would make an excellent documentary. Overcoming their harassment and intimidating troubles with Edison, Adolpf Zukor of PARAMOUNT entered the picture - determined to “smash Vitagraph” through a divide and conquer strategy.   [Talkback]

VITAGRAPH – The birth of the moving picture industry - meticulously researched by Andrew A. Erish
Ken Burns take note. This would make an excellent documentary. Overcoming their harassment and intimidating troubles with Edison, Adolpf Zukor of PARAMOUNT entered the picture - determined to “smash Vitagraph” through a divide and conquer strategy.   [Talkback]

Don't Lose Your Head - If Queens could kiss and tell
“Let’s just say prayer isn’t the only useful thing you can do on your knees.”   [Talkback]

Magic Time - a memoir Notes on Theatre & Other Entertainments by Edwin Wilson
A lesson in fortitude, hard work, research and luck. And entertaining to boot! At ninety one Edwin Wilson is still sharing his vast theatrical knowledge in his own candid, inimitable way. He is the most fascinating and unforgettable character I have never met, yet greatly admire.   [Talkback]

Charlie Chaplin: A Man of the World - illuminating new documentary
The documentary Charlie Chaplin: A Man of the World sheds light on Chaplin's Romany gypsy roots. It was written and directed by his grand-daughter Carmen Chaplin.   [Talkback]

Life in the theater after shutdown   [Talkback]

Folies Bergere - 1935 musical starring Maurice Chevalier, Ann Sothern, Merle Oberon
An unexpected delight! 1935 musical comedy that is one of the best of the period.   [Talkback]

The Broadway Caronavirus Medley (video)
Since Broadway is closed down due to COVID-19, Zach Timson brings a little Broadway to you....about COVID-19, of course! A selection of tunes to help alleviate whatever…courtesy of Zach Timson.   [Talkback]

West Side Story - a phenomenal production directed by Ivo van Hove - highly recommended
When was the last time a show left you breathless? The original production was way ahead of its time. WEST SIDE STORY has now caught up to itself.   [Talkback]

A Soldier's Play - starring David Alan Grier & Blair Underwood finally on Broadway
Who killed Sergeant Waters? In a riveting and tense two acts we get the surprising answer. A powerful, raw and still pertinent play that resonates like a tsunami   [Talkback]

Grand Horizons - Bess Wohl's newest odd couple get a divorce
Ms. Wohl is no Neil Simon – although there are lots of jokes and some amusing situations and monologues – that border on the raunchy and/or ridiculous.   [Talkback]

Romeo & Bernadette - A merry, melodic, romantic romp of a fractured love story
A breath of fresh air. Delightful! See for yourself. Probably twice so that you catch all the jokes and details you might have missed the first time around.   [Talkback]

My Name is Lucy Barton - starring Laura Linney
As the lyric from Superstar states “Loneliness is such a sad affair.” We listen. Some with empathy. Some without.   [Talkback]

Sing Street - another screen to stage musical by John Carney, famous for ONCE
But being connected to ONCE is not enough. This production is a good first draft. It’s just not there – yet. Can it be salvaged?   [Talkback]

Jagged Little Pill - Diane Paulus meets Alanis Morissette & Glen Ballard meets Diablo Cody meets Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui meet the Healys of Connecticut
It’s ironic that the final number is “You Learn” – we obviously haven’t as the same problems still plague us today: Racism, white privilege, opioids and date rape et al   [Talkback]

The Inheritance by Matthew Lopez - a double dose of gay history uncensored and uncut
Eventually verging on the cusp of being a soap opera. With a lot of highbrow intelligence, campy humor and raunch. But much too long.   [Talkback]

A Christmas Carol - a cornucopia of treats for the holiday season
From the moment one enters the beautiful and appropriately old fashioned Lyceum Theatre – a perfect fit as it turns out to house this dickens of a production – one is beguiled   [Talkback]

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical starring a sensational Adrienne Warren
What’s love got to do with it? As it turns out. An awful lot.   [Talkback]

The Lightning Thief - the Percy Jackson musical OR a Poseidon misadventure on Broadway
This bloated, mythological frenetic fantasy now at The Longacre Theatre runs over two hours with a top price of almost two hundred dollars - water 6 bucks, candy for the kiddies 5 bucks   [Talkback]

The Rose Tattoo - Marisa Tomei & Emun Elliott and a flock of plastic pink flamingos
If you survive the melodramatic Act I you will suddenly find yourself in I LOVE LUCY land in Act II.   [Talkback]

The Sound Inside - starring an extraordinary Mary-Louise Parker who has met her match with newcomer Will Hochman
A superb, fresh, new, original, compelling, mysterious, intriguing 90 minute two character play by Adam Rapp that has just opened at Studio 54 directed by David Cromer   [Talkback]

Slave Play - a provocative fantasia of sorts. Part porn. Part psycho-babble. Part satire. How brave these fine actors are
Two hours plus WITHOUT AN INTERMISSION. Be forewarned!   [Talkback]

The Great Society - Misfires with a disappointing Brian Cox as LBJ
The production is too big. Too loud. Too academic. With little emotion. Or humor. It becomes a play about exits and entrances between the avalanche of details and facts.   [Talkback]

Linda Vista - Highly recommended. Through November 10th at Second Stage Theater
An extremely funny play. Truthful and moving with dialogue that is sharp and wise and caustic about this troubled Dick who is caught between his past and his future all the while having to deal with his present.   [Talkback]

The Height of the Storm - Starring Jonathan Pryce and Eileen Atkins
Intriguing and enigmatic. Dementia is difficult to deal with. So is death. Playwright Florian Zeller explains in a most unusual and unconventional way.   [Talkback]

Betrayal - Jamie Lloyd’s radical, reimagined and breathtaking production
From the opening tableau this sexual love triangle tango for three sets a slow, steady and seductive pace that transfixes the audience into complete silence. The bar has been set quite high for the rest of the season.   [Talkback]

Moulin Rouge! the musical - the extravagant, big budget, song stuffed musical falls short in the sizzle department
There is a smorgasbord of styles for us to digest. Is it a true love story? Is it a farce? A tragedy? Is it a tale told with tongue in highly rouged cheek or is it just a glitzy and glamorous extravaganza?   [Talkback]

Stonewall - celebrating 50 years of pride
Listen to WALK HAND IN HAND an anthem written to celebrate 25 years - produced in 1995. We've come this far. Time to continue...   [Talkback]

Author Peter Filichia explains how his play God Shows Up came into being - Part Two
God Shows Up - Part Two - So I wrote a one-man show called BACK FROM THE STARS, in which God says   [Talkback]

Author Peter Filichia explains how his play God Shows Up came into being
Peter Filichia, the author of the wonderful and witty off Broadway play God Shows Up, explains how his play came into being. “GOD SHOWS UP actually happened because of Eric Krebs - the longtime Broadway and off-Broadway producer.   [Talkback]

Frankie & Johnny in the Claire de Lune revival starring Audra McDonald & Michael Shannon
A raw and romantic evening. Full of disclosures and discoveries. A master class in acting and directing. See this wonderful production and don’t be afraid to take a chance on love whenever it may unexpectedly appear.   [Talkback]

Hillary and Clinton on Broadway - starring Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow - the art of the almost deal behind closed doors
There isn’t much meat on the bones here but what meat there is, it is fun to chew on and completely digestible in this most original theatrical exercise.   [Talkback]

Gary a sequel to Titus Andronicus starring Nathan Lane
In 90 minutes. Give or take how many laughs pile up during the performance. And there are many.   [Talkback]

Tootsie starring Santino Fontana is FAB-U-LOUS - a tour de force production that will have the producers laughing all the way to the you-know where
If it is possible to get double Tony Awards for portraying Dorothy Michaels and Michael Dorsey then Santino Fontana should be the one to get them.   [Talkback]

All My Sons - revival starring Annette Bening, Tracy Letts & Benjamin Walker
Arthur Miller dishes out the drama bit by bit as we discover what it is that makes this family tick until it explodes like the thunderstorm that opens the drama.   [Talkback]

This drop dead awful Beetlejuice is best forgotten
This weird madhouse of cartoon characters and puppets and ridiculous goings-on has been directed by that mad-cap director Alex Timbers. After the intermission I didn’t think it could get any worse. But it did.   [Talkback]

Ink - starring Jonny Lee Miller and Bertie Carvel: a year in the life of the SUN vs the MIRROR - David vs Goliath
The show belongs to Jonny Lee Miller and he does a fantastic job but we don’t really care for any of them. Murdoch lives on.   [Talkback]

Oklahoma! 6 Outer Critics Circle nominations including Outstanding Revival of a Musical
From the opening notes of “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” sung quietly by Curly with only his guitar and his twang we are in the newly found territory created by Daniel Fish that is a wonder to behold.   [Talkback]

Burn This - starring Adam Driver & Keri Russell
With wit and a huge heart. All the elements come together to make a most satisfying journey through the land of love   [Talkback]

A Bloody Mess is Sam Gold's King Lear starring Glenda Jackson
As Lear goes mad, one sitting and watching and listening while awaiting the end may grow madder. I did. If rosemary is for remembrance this KING LEAR should be forgotten.   [Talkback]

Hadestown on Broadway - Bourbon Street bluesy folk opera’s trip to hell
A sometimes exciting, sometimes repetitive, sometimes off the track lavish sweaty and sultry production   [Talkback]

What the Constitution Means to Me - starring author and performer Heidi Schreck on Broadway
Heidi Schreck is quite funny and engaging and verbose and smart and a clever storyteller with an agenda. Patience and persistence and passion have paid off.   [Talkback]

ain't too proud - the life and times of THE TEMPTATIONS
Moving along at a speed much faster than a vintage LP recording thanks to a turntable and conveyor belt that seem appropriate for this well-oiled assembly line product   [Talkback]

Nantucket Sleigh Ride by John Guare - An hour and fifty minutes worth of absurd farce in two acts
A wild romp through the memory of Edmund Gowery – a venture capitalist who once wrote a hit play “Internal Structure of Stars” - if you are adventurous   [Talkback]

Be More Chill the Broadway musical - Just take this pill, it's called a Squip. It's from Japan
Still trying to “chill out” after seeing the social media cult sensation sci-fi cautionary teenage tale of woe musical   [Talkback]

Kiss Me, Kate! - a superb feast of a show at Studio 54
Get thee hence and luxuriate in the music of Cole Porter who is on a par with Shakespeare as a master of words. “So in Love” says it all.   [Talkback]

Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird - Aaron Sorkin's new, re-imagined, re-structured riveting look at a classic story opens on Broadway
It’s the best of folks and the worst of folks – featuring the good the bad and the truth. An unflinching look at race relations that is as relevant today as it was then.   [Talkback]

True West revival starring Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano and a slew of toasters
Unfortunately Paul Dano is totally miscast and so half of the equation goes missing in this very uneven production. While Ethan Hawke makes up for that in spades. Perhaps a bit too much in spades.   [Talkback]

Choir Boy - Religion, repression, resilience and harmony oh my
First produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club off-Broadway in 2013 CHOIR BOY has had some repair work done. Some further repairs are called for   [Talkback]

The Cher Show - Vegas style. It kind of wears you down and into submission
Davy, a friend, summed up THE CHER SHOW succinctly as we left. “Well, it’s cheaper than going to Vegas.” I have to agree.   [Talkback]

Network - disturbing and all too real - starring a brilliant Bryan Cranston
Lee Hall has adapted this eerie, frightening and pertinent production currently running at The Belasco Theatre   [Talkback]

The Prom - is much more than the sum of its parts. It is a feel good musical. Better still, it is a feel good about yourself musical
A clever, tuneful, original, uproariously funny, sweet and chock full of show-stopping numbers that is at the Longacre Theatre.   [Talkback]

American Son - Racism, parenting and police procedure rear their ugly heads
Kerry Washington distraught and rapidly losing her patience with the young white officer on duty awaits hearing news about her son Jamal who has not returned home. Nine hours missing.   [Talkback]

King Kong - spectacular mammoth marionette falls short of saving theme park event
This silver back gorilla has its eyes on success in New York but unfortunately for all its technological wonders the production falls way short   [Talkback]

The Other Josh Cohen - a tuneful, clever, joyous be a mensch off B'way mensch-ical
A Rolaids-like cure for indigestible musicals can be found at the Westside Theatre in this very clever, tuneful and bouncy 90 minute escapist journey   [Talkback]

The Waverly Gallery - 58 years ago Elaine May starred at the Golden Theatre - She's finally back
a spry 86 with all her faculties and comic instincts intact in Kenneth Lonergan's loss of memory, memory play   [Talkback]

The Ferryman - Go. Meet the Carneys. Once you do some of the images will be etched on your mind forever
A fascinating, honest and true to life representation of human relationships and the sadness of love.   [Talkback]

The Nap - Through November 11th if all this silliness is your cup of tea
Act I as they set us up is quite a snooze. Act II zany. Don’t be snookered by all this malarkey.   [Talkback]

Bernhardt/Hamlet - the not-so-divine Sarah
Other than the I-am-the-star performance of Janet McTeer, BERNHARDT/HAMLET is a slow going and disappointing affair where the real Sarah Bernhardt remains elusive.   [Talkback]

Pretty Woman the musical - proceed with caution
PRETTY WOMAN is at times pleasurable at best. With some fine performers having to plod through a very mediocre and much too loud score.   [Talkback]

Head Over Heels - a funny thing happened on the way to the Island of Lesbos
Get thee hence quickly to see this boisterous, bawdy and beautiful production. In plain English GO!   [Talkback]

Straight White Men starring Armie Hammer - My Three Sons throwback with a twist
A slight, three scene sit-com with superfluous curtain raiser.   [Talkback]

A murky On A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER at the Irish Rep despite strong vocals
This valiant production “adapted” and directed by Charlotte Moore appears to bring back the good ol’ summer stock days of yore.   [Talkback]

Desperate Measures - award winning, crowd pleasing, laugh out loud musical reopens at New World Stages
A rowdy, tuneful and somewhat sentimental mixture of the Bard and the Old West   [Talkback]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - a once in a lifetime theatrical experience that must be seen to be believed and you may still find it hard to believe what you see
Will leave you feeling stuffed and satisfied and somewhat bewildered at times. Yet full of wonderment and awe from witnessing some of the most incredible illusions and magic created by Jamie Harrison.   [Talkback]

The Iceman Cometh - Denzel Washington stars in this tragic revival
Spending four hours with this group of losers with their “pipe dreams” might even make a teetotaler desperate for a drink   [Talkback]

Summer - the Donna Summer musical
Just get on with the songs. When that happened, magic happens. Voices soar and we are brought back to the sounds of the 70’s that truly are boogie inspiring.   [Talkback]

My Fair Lady: Revitalized revival at Lincoln Center Theater positively glows
A badly needed tonic for an anemic theatrical season. Director Bartlett Sher has created brand new memories to supplant any deeply held fond memories of the original production and film version.   [Talkback]

Carousel revival sings and dances its way into our hearts
Everyone, young and those of a certain age alike should see this production at the Imperial Theatre to remember or be introduced to what real theater songs sound like   [Talkback]

Mean Girls the musical - These girls are not mean enough, they are simply annoying
A series of stereotypical characters in a series of stereotypical television skits with stereotypical punch lines, when you can catch the punch lines emanating from the awful over amplified-cover-your-ears sound system   [Talkback]

Three Tall Women - A:Glenda Jackson, B:Laurie Metcalf & C: Alison Pill-all rolled into one
Be especially eager to hear A’s story about her naked husband and a piece of expensive jewelry that is priceless. A wonderful theatrical production with superb acting by Glenda Jackson. Through June 24th at the Golden Theatre   [Talkback]

Escape to Margaritaville - elements haphazardly thrown together in a blender resulting in one big alcoholic Slurpee mess
I give full credit to the excellent cast for believing in their one dimensional characters and implausible sit-com situations as they go about singing and dancing with gusto   [Talkback]

Angels in America - starring Andrew Garfield & Nathan Lane Totally intriguing and vastly entertaining
The direction is superb by Marianne Elliott. Sensational set design by Ian MacNeil. Andrew Garfield’s sensitive yet fierce performance will be talked about and will be remembered forever.   [Talkback]

Frozen on Broadway- for Mouseketeers of all ages
Briskly directed by Michael Grandage. Beautifully lit by that wizard of lighting Natasha Katz with some fun choreography by Rob Ashford starring Patti Murin, Caissie Levy, book writer Jennifer Lee and LET IT GO   [Talkback]

Amy and the Orphans - off-Broadway by Lindsey Ferrentino an equal opportunity playwright
An insightful, brave, and quite funny play dealing with Down Syndrome and its repercussions. I advise you to see it.   [Talkback]

Hangmen - A Martin McDonagh melodrama: ominous thunder and lightning and incomprehensible accents
One or two phrases understood here and there make it almost impossible to follow the bumpy McDonagh road of which “hangman” is better with all its underlying complications.   [Talkback]

Party Face - Irish import starring Hayley Mills - yes that Hayley Mills
This group of women deserve each other. We don’t. After two acts of ridiculous chit chat I would suggest avoiding them.   [Talkback]

John Lithgow: Stories by heart - has all the appearance of a bus and truck tour
Mr. Lithgow, ham that he is, is wonderful - along with his wry take on the proceedings. But the production and choice of tales just doesn’t cut the mustard.   [Talkback]

Farinelli and the King - The power of music to heal is undisputed but it can also lull you to sleep
I urge anyone who is thinking of attending (which would not be high on my to-do list) to first read the very informative insert by David Cote enclosed in the Playbill program.   [Talkback]

Meteor Shower by Steve Martin - College frat humor at best
A cliché-ridden sex fantasy farce. A surreal pseudo-intellectual gimmick. Best line – “Just rub it around the rim.” Enough said.   [Talkback]

SpongeBob SquarePants - a fun musical for everyone. Stand up and cheer for optimism, persistence, friendship and imagination
SpongeBob, the ever optimistic hero of this opus – portrayed by Ethan Slater makes a tremendous and auspicious Broadway debut.   [Talkback]

The Parisian Woman - starring Uma Thurman: Hearts get broken – D.C. style
Pretending to be a pot-boiler this is a very slow cooker. Quel dommage! They drink a lot. And lie a lot.   [Talkback]

Once On This Island revival - a magical, sensual and mystical tale seamlessly retold
An enchanting score by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty that oozes truth and honesty with more than a few Caribbean flourishes   [Talkback]

Latin History for Morons - written and performed by John Leguizamo now extended through February 25
Senor Leguizamo no matter how good he is and he is very good - has not learned that brevity is the soul of wit   [Talkback]

The Band's Visit -the sounds of Israel and Egypt co-mingle with Gershwin and Chet Baker
It is quite special seeing Arabs and Jews in complete harmony making beautiful music together in this gentle, charming and thoroughly inviting musical.   [Talkback]

M. Butterfly revisal starring Clive Owen and Julie Taymor
What should be an intriguing, fascinating and intimate story has been blown up to operatic proportions with floating screens, elaborate costumes and noisy percussive music.   [Talkback]

Torch Song - Michael Urie in Harvey Fierstein's breakthrough drag queen, post Stonewall - pre AIDS saga
The torch has been passed along to Michael Urie who as hard as he tries is still chasing Harvey to the finish line in this slimmed down, revised version directed by Moises Kaufman   [Talkback]

Desperate Measures - a rowdy, tuneful and somewhat sentimental mixture of the Bard and the Old West
How refreshing to hear melodies and lyrics that fall wonderfully on the ear – caressing rather than bombarding by a terrific cast of six full throttled vocalists.   [Talkback]

Time and the Conways - starring a superficial Elizabeth McGovern
It’s in the tradition of a well-made three act play with a slight variation: Beginning. End. Middle. An uneven production where the set will be probably remembered above all.   [Talkback]

Hollywood loves and defends bad boys like David Letterman, Roman Polanski and more
"No one should worry about Harvey Weinstein. He will be fine. He will be back working in Hollywood with all his friends soon. Just look at David Letterman, Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and   [Talkback]

Mary Jane by Amy Herzog plus two pet peeves
The play ends ambiguously. This gets people talking about what happened or what didn’t happen as they leave the New York Theatre Workshop   [Talkback]

A Clockwork Orange - an ultra-violent, unpleasant, homoerotic world headed by an Adonis - Jonno Davies as Alex deLarge
It’s fascinating that so many find violence entertaining.   [Talkback]

For Peter Pan on her 70th birthday by Sarah Ruhl
Despite some flying this Peter peters out as a play.   [Talkback]

Prince of Broadway - a sweeping panorama from Hal’s hit list and some misses
This Reader’s Digest version of memorable (and some not so memorable) songs/scenes from the incredible resume of Hal’s productions is less than the sum of its parts   [Talkback]

Jerry Lewis starred in Damn Yankees on B'way: Mitchell Maxwell remembers - Part 1
Jerry Lewis starred on Broadway in the hit musical Damn Yankees in 1995. He played the Devil himself, a fellow named Applegate. Producer Mitchell Maxwell remembers meeting and working with the icon.   [Talkback]

In A Heartbeat - animated short is a must see
An instant masterpiece created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo   [Talkback]

Hamlet - Gold's Folly
Unfortunately the play is not the thing here. Sam Gold is. A simple case of murder most foul.   [Talkback]

Napoli, Brooklyn - Meet the Muscolinos off B'way
Too many stories going on – the not fully cooked production is ultimately unsatisfying - too many spoons in the pasta   [Talkback]

1984 - an extraordinary, frightening, theatrical and thought provoking production
“Pain compels truth.” So if you experience a little discomfort watching this production perhaps that’s a good thing   [Talkback]

The Traveling Lady - a fine ensemble brings Horton Foote's quirky and fine tuned dialogue to life
The voice of Horton Foote rings true as his well worn characters gossip and go about their lives and wait to see the fate of Georgette Thomas in this seemingly abridged 1954 play.   [Talkback]

The Government Inspector - Michael Urie & Mary Testa milk political corruption for all its worth
This new adaptation seems to have been penned with the Marx Brothers in mind. Director Jesse Berger has picked up the reins and directs the fine cast of actors at a full gallop.   [Talkback]

War Paint - Starring Patti LuPone and Christine Ebersole
The spanning-the-decades costumes by Catherine Zuber are knock-outs. As are the spectacular hats. But when hats and haute-couture upstage the book and score you’re in trouble.   [Talkback]

Oslo makes a successful move, cast intact - till June 18th
It has lost one intermission but has gained a bigger audience on a much larger acting space that gives the actors a mighty workout - shouting louder than ever.   [Talkback]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Christian Borle & the Oompa Loompas
It has to be believed to be seen! With tons of kids excited and expectant in the audience. The feeling is contagious.   [Talkback]

A Doll's House Part 2 - A quartet of top notch actors in one of the best plays of the season
Sam Gold directs this sparring match to perfection.   [Talkback]

Hello Dolly! - Glorious revival starring the Divine Miss M
Jerry Zaks has taken over the direction and made this production a hilarious vaudevillian farce that makes us as pleased as punch.   [Talkback]

Indecent - The Rabbi's daughter and the prostitute
Go and be tremendously moved. Be entertained. Laugh and cry. And most importantly be reminded of the horrors of censorship and its repercussions. At The Cort Theatre.   [Talkback]

Bandstand - WW II Vets remembered and honored in new American musical
One almost expects to see Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland or at least one might hope to see them come to the rescue   [Talkback]

Anastasia - Cinematic projections upstage plot in live action production
It’s like watching a movie with real live actors. Some of it is charming. Some of it is dull. It is sometimes serious. Sometimes vaudevillian.   [Talkback]

Groundhog Day the musical starring the very talented and injured but unsinkable Andy Karl
It is one delightful, imaginative and wacky surprise after another with a heart of gold that is running on all cylinders at the August Wilson Theatre   [Talkback]

The Play That Goes Wrong and Present Laughter reviewed
Put a lot of laughter in your life, try one or better yet both.   [Talkback]

Amelie - without the accent starring Phillipa Soo and Adam Chanler-Berat
Doesn’t catch the gold ring but meanders along in short vignettes with various narrators urging it along slowly and unsurely.   [Talkback]

Gently Down the Stream - Starring Harvey Fierstein
A three character genteel and romantic/historical menage a trois fairy tale featuring Gabriel Ebert and Christopher Sears.   [Talkback]

Sweat - “torn from the headlines” episodic, often preachy docu-drama moves to Broadway
Taking place in a bar where everybody knows your name, your habits (good and bad), your favorite brew, your birthday, and who is supplying the drugs and using.   [Talkback]

The Price revived with a quartet of top notch actors
Danny DeVito at 72 making his Broadway debut pulls the rug out from under his co-stars with his revelatory performance as a charming yet shrewd and completely amusing 90 year old antique appraiser.   [Talkback]

Come From Away - a wonderful new big bear hug of a musical comes in under the radar
GO! You will stand up and shout out and support our Canadian friends who have delivered this musical with care and love. A lesson for us all.   [Talkback]

The Glass Menagerie - Controversial Sam Gold revival starring Sally Field and Joe Mantello surprises
If you have any qualms about seeing this production - set them aside. Forget any preconceived notions and meet the Wingfields through a new set of eyes.   [Talkback]

Sunset Boulevard - Glenn Close makes a triumphant return to Broadway
Glenn Close won a Tony for her performance twenty three years ago. She has now returned older and wiser and more than spectacular.   [Talkback]

Man From Nebraska - stellar cast shines under David Cromer's direction
The production is intriguing, bizarre, disturbing at times but ultimately unsatisfying. Through March 12th.   [Talkback]

The Mother of Invention - a confounding Off B'way production
What’s more confounding? That Mr. Lecesne has won multiple awards or that his new play doesn’t support his reputation?   [Talkback]

Jitney - Let's hear it for August Wilson and Company - highly recommended
Set in Pittsburgh 1977 we meet a collection of characters that Mr. Wilson has a fondness for and knows deep down inside and out   [Talkback]

The Present - 3 hour Sydney Theatre Company production starring Cate Blanchett & Richard Roxburgh lumbers along on Broadway
If you absolutely need to see Cate Blanchett in the flesh be forewarned. She is lovely but the play itself isn’t.   [Talkback]

In Transit - a cappella musical at Circle in the Square
It is the extraordinary arrangements by Deke Sharon and Music Supervision by Rick Hip-Flores that are the true stars of this production. Along with each amazing singer. You may not remember the songs but you will remember the sound.   [Talkback]

A Bronx Tale the musical - the sounds of the sixties
Doo-wop, slick hair, crap games, gangsters and guns with stand out performances by Nick Cordero & Hudson Loverro   [Talkback]

Sweet Charity - starring Sutton Foster: may she never be out of the spotlight
Brilliantly scaled down by director Leigh Silverman to slip into the intimate three quarters round seating – without sacrificing the super entertainment factor and exciting score one iota.   [Talkback]

Ride The Cyclone - Teens die in tragic accident Off B'way
Attempting to take us to dizzying heights RIDE THE CYCLONE is a series of ups and downs without too many thrills and/or chills.   [Talkback]

This Day Forward - marriage on the rocks off-Broadway
Light and superficial. Not plausible nor believable. However the acting is convincing. And then all of a sudden in Act II everything begins to make sense. Sort of.   [Talkback]

Falsettos - A high energy, smart, tuneful, brutally honest, funny and touching revival
A human story told brilliantly, sung brilliantly with passion, humor and spirit. Love, friendship, family, compassion are all rightfully above the title here.   [Talkback]

Les Liaisons Dangereuses - disappointing revival starring Janet McTeer and Liev Schreiber fumbles
What is intended to be provocative soon becomes a snooze fest featuring decaying and decadent aristocratic morals.   [Talkback]

Love, Love, Love - biting contemporary satire
The Baby Boomer generation is laid bare in satirical splendor by Mr. Bartlett with laser like direction by Michael Myers. The acting exceptional.   [Talkback]

The Front Page - an all-around historical and hysterical document of a bygone era
Finally towards the end of Act II Mr. Lane arrives like a tornado. In a role that fits him like a glove. A boxing glove. And delivers the goods like a roaring inferno in Act III.   [Talkback]

The Cherry Orchard - Unclear, tedious and yawn inducing starring an unremarkable Diane Lane
A blight has befallen this ill-conceived cherry orchard represented by a grouping of Calder-like mobiles hovering over this classic play like a series of modern day sabotaging vultures.   [Talkback]

She Stoops to Conquer - a rare 18th century revival Off B'way
A merry band of actors presenting this play in a carefree manner, when offstage are visible watching the preposterous goings on. The plot at times is ludicrous.   [Talkback]

Heisenberg - Mary-Louise Parker & Denis Arndt Broadway's newest odd couple
There is a bit more here than meets the eye but it is pretty slim pickens. At best it’s interesting.   [Talkback]

Holiday Inn - the new Irving Berlin musical is sure to please. Sure to sprinkle stardust in everyone’s eyes
This terrific Roundabout production at Studio 54 is no slap-dash remake of its source material but a well thought out, clever, reverential valentine to the movies of the period and Irving Berlin’s brilliant musicianship.   [Talkback]

Oh, Hello on Broadway - two stooges from Comedy Central: tuna on a schtick
They are stand-up comics in the tradition of Weber and Fields, Stiller and Meara and Statler and Hilton with a lethal dose of Larry David thrown in.   [Talkback]

The Encounter - gives new meaning to the expression a captive audience
It is indeed ironic that in 2014 the Tony Awards decided to no longer recognize sound design. And here it is as the star of the show.   [Talkback]

The Roads to Home - a trio of interconnected vignettes by Horton Foote charms
Natural and amusing dialogue, detailed characterizations, subtle and refined direction by Michael Wilson. It’s a soft and lovely production.   [Talkback]

All the ways to say I love you - not to be missed performance by Judith Light in Neil LaBute monologue
The vivid, emotional and truly honest performance of Judith Light as the tormented and otherwise normal Mrs. Johnson is phenomenal.   [Talkback]

Marie and Rosetta - Rebecca Naomi Jones & Kecia Lewis legendary women of swinging gospel music
The songs are the show. The performers make the songs. Sometimes soft. Sometimes loud enough to raise the dead. It’s a special music. Churchlike with a hip swaying rhythm that is both beautiful and rousing.   [Talkback]

Privacy - the invasion of the internet at The Public Theater with Daniel Radcliffe
A very smart, well researched, sometimes amusing, technically proficient, full of surprises, elongated scary gimmick.   [Talkback]

Oslo - Political intrigue behind closed doors
Smart, theatrical, longish but never boorish lesson in history   [Talkback]

Out of the Mouth of Babes - Estelle Parsons & Judith Ivey plus two off Broadway
The Golden Girls meets Blithe Spirit in this new sit-com cum sex farce of sorts by the prolific Israel Horovitz   [Talkback]

Hadestown - Bourbon Street bluesy folk opera's trip to hell
Responsible for this busy pseudo-poetic edging towards pretentious production is the imaginative and theatrical director Rachel Chavkin   [Talkback]

Shuffle Along – or The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed
If it’s spectacular dancing that you crave that sparkles along with the smiles and the costumes SHUFFLE ALONG is the show for you.   [Talkback]

American Psycho the musical starring Benjamin Walker in all his glory
Conspicuous consumption is what life is all about. Until someone named Patrick Bateman - takes it all away with that killer smile and a satisfied twinkle in his eye.   [Talkback]

Tuck Everlasting - pleasant musical adventure based on the classic novel by Natalie Babbitt
It’s a bit FINDING NEVERLAND, a bit THE SECRET GARDEN and a bit PIPPIN. With a lot of charm and unexpected humor.   [Talkback]

Waitress - Pie-O-Mania with Jessie Mueller
Pregnant woman in an abusive relationship thinks up and bakes up pies with unusual names in a small town diner hoping to find happiness while singing and cavorting with new doctor   [Talkback]

The School for Scandal - Red Bull Theater and director Marc Vietor breathe fresh and inventive life into this old relic
There’s no stopping people’s wagging, malicious, slanderous tongues. People love to gossip.   [Talkback]

The Father - starring a remarkable Frank Langella
Dementia. It’s a living nightmare. Losing your mind. Your identity. Your belongings. Your life. Slowly. Unknowingly.   [Talkback]

Bright Star - Steve Martin & Edie Brickell's original and tuneful bluegrass country styled musical
An old fashioned love story told through lovely songs sung with a twang. Banjos included. With a side of laughs.   [Talkback]

Arthur Miller's The Crucible - A witch hunt and witchcraft intermingled
This production will be embedded in your mind forever. Mr. Van Hove doesn’t want us to forget – ever. Neither does Arthur Miller.   [Talkback]

She Loves Me - Roundabout revival recommended for all lonely hearts
A luscious, lavish and romantic revival of this best of all possible musicals at Studio 54   [Talkback]

The Robber Bridegroom - Hee Haw Hootenanny fairy tale resurrected
It's fast. It’s fun. It has Leslie Kritzer literally glowing on stage with her bling and diamond studded tooth that adds just the right touch to her fabulously comic stand-out sensational performance.   [Talkback]

Blackbird starring Michelle Williams & Jeff Daniels
As directed by Joe Mantello it’s a raw tango of telling the truth. It’s fascinating. And disturbing.   [Talkback]

Disaster! Big hair. Big arms. Big hairy chests and bell bottoms abound. It’s the 70’s
The only thing missing is a big bag of popcorn in this “Love Boat” collides with “Laugh In” nutty musical   [Talkback]

Boy - Bobby Steggert grapples with his sexual identity
A frightening, intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying play by Anna Ziegler based on a true story   [Talkback]

Eclipsed - Women on the verge starring Lupita Nyong'o
The acting is exceptional and director Liesl Tommy must be commended for bringing this difficult story to vivid and unsettling life.   [Talkback]

Hughie revival flops with Forest Whitaker
A haunted house with haunted memories. Mr. Whitaker gives a rather surface performance – no nuances here.   [Talkback]

Red Speedo - It's not about the swimming - It's about the money
Surrounded by three barracudas and swimming for his life what Ray really needs is a lifeguard.   [Talkback]

Women Without Men - a must see refreshing MINT revival
What could be staid and stuffy – under the careful and illuminating guidance of Jenn Thompson isn’t.   [Talkback]

Prodigal Son - pent up, mixed up emotions remembered by John Patrick Shanley
Jim Quinn (Timothee Chalamet) standing in for the full-of-himself playwright at age 15 tells his tale of woe from “a room in hell.”   [Talkback]

Fiddler on the Roof - revival is less than electrifying
This lethargic and disjointed production starring Danny Burstein limps along without much life.   [Talkback]

Noises Off - Exuberant and hilarious Roundabout Revival
A volcanic eruption of humor – physical, verbal and farcical. What a wonderful thing it is to share so much laughter and joy.   [Talkback]

School of Rock - Alex Brightman and his band of majorly talented minors
Lots of high decibel rock tunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Queen of the Night by Mozart and Amazing Grace.   [Talkback]

Quote of the day
Irene Cara

“Women in music can be a lot more than just the midriff, the bellybutton, the bleached hair, the lip-synching. I wanted to make a statement that women in music can be sexy and alluring and fabulous and hop and cool and be about music, just the music.”

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